Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

If you want to get adsense approval for your wordpress website or blog then you have to follow all the steps and policies of google. It is very to keep all the steps very clear and you have to follow all the rules and requirements according to the policies of the google.

So, here are some useful requirements which you have to complete in your blog or website to get approval for google adsense.

Steps to get adsense approval easily

  1. Create gmail account
  2. Use fast and best web hosting
  3. Use optimised and responsive wordpress theme
  4. website should have a logo
  5. website should have a favicon
  6. The post should have unique and quality content
  7. connect with google analytics
  8. Add website to google search console
  9. Create Privacy policy, Disclaimer, About us, Contact us and terms and conditions pages.
  10. Do not use any pornographic or prohibited content like crack version of any software or like that.
  11. Use internal and external links
  12. create sitemap and submit to search console
  13. Do not use copyrighted images and content
  14. Use adsense supported language for your blog

These are the important points to perform on your wordpress blog or website to get adsense approval easily. Please follow all the steps given above carefully. If you do not follow one of these steps then your adsense approval may get affected.

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