Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Gmail is the important part of our life these days. You need atleast one gmail account for all things which you do in the internet. if you are using android smartphone then it is necessary to have gmail account or google account login. without google account you cannot even login to the new smartphone.

Nowdays , everyone uses more than one gmail accounts. due to some reasons if your previous google account got an issue with your any of the google services like adsense or youtube account then dont worry you can create a google account without using any phone number. you dont need any mobile number veriufication for creating any account or services of google. So please follow these steps to create google accounts without phone number verification.

Step -1

Click here


Click on the Create an Account


Fill all the details which are given


Click the next Button


Fill your mobile number,email address,date of birth and gender.

gmail account

Step -6

Click the next Button


Now your Gmail account created

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